Cast Corner Bracket
Cast Corner Bracket

Cast Corner Bracket

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These Cast Corner Brackets are used to connect two V-Slot Linear Rails together for a 90 degree connection, using M5x8mm Low Profile Screws and M5 Tee Nuts.

Product Features

  • Can be placed along the length of the rail
  • Compatible with V-Slot and C-Beam Linear Rails

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm x 17mm
    • 4mm Wide T-Slot Tab
    • Compatible with 20mm V-Slot Linear Rail
    • Cast Aluminum
    • Color: Silver

    Part Details

    • 1 x Cast Corner Bracket

    Pro-Tip: The Cast Corner Brackets have stand off teeth (great for locking into the slot).  When mounted in this direction you would utilize an M8 Low Profile Screw and an M5 Tee Nut.  If you need to use the Cast Corners perpendicular to the V-Slot Linear Rail you can either flip the M5 Tee Nut upside down in the track of the V-Slot Linear Rail (this will ensure that the screw will grab the threads of the M5 Tee Nut) or you can sand/file the tabs off the bottom of the Corner Connector.