Solid V Wheel

Solid V Wheel

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Precise smooth motion for light to medium duty applications ie: 3D Printer. The flat surface with a V shaped outer edge allows the wheel to center ride in the track of V-Slot and C-Beam Linear Rail. This flat profile is designed to work effortlessly with a belt on a belt and pinion system as well as lead screw and belt driven systems.  

Product Features

  • Long lasting solid construction 
  • Ultra smooth finish for precise motion 
  • Flat wheel surface for belt travel (belt & pinion option) 
  • Self-centering and self- lubricating 
  • Even distribution of weight 
  • Easily assembled and maintained 

Product Specifications

  • Rockwell hardness: M80 
  • Compression strength: 63MPA 
  • OD: 23.90mm 
  • ID: 15.974mm +/- 0.026mm 
  • Thickness: 10.23mm 
  • Material: Delrin 
  • Color: Black  

Part Details

  • 1 x Solid V Wheel (cover only)