Xtension Wire By the Meter
Xtension Wire By the Meter

Xtension Wire By the Meter

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Create any motor, limit, signal, or even power connections on your builds using the OpenBuilds Xtension System.  

Incorporating the Xtension ecosystem into your build has never been easier as this cable is available in custom lengths and available by the meter. This Xtension wire works great with the easy connection OpenBuilds Xtension Connectors (sold separately).

Product Specifications

  • Stranded Copper
  • 2,3,4 Ccnductor available
  • 22 AWG
  • Wire Color 2C: Red, black
  • Wire Color 3C: Red, black, blue
  • Wire Color 4C:  Red, green, blue, yellow

Part Details

  • Xtension Wire in multiple conductors available
  • Custom lengths provided by the meter